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Typical Applications

  • Testing Test
electronics test step 2


Flat Flex Connector Solutions for Functional Test

Standard Fixtures Custom Fixtures

flexible circuit board

Flexible Test Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate replacement and repair of OEM ZIF and Fliplock connectors
  • Drop-in solution between DUT and test equipment or controller
  • Ready-to-mount designs integrate easily into your test station
  • Top, bottom, and mixed contact orientations
  • Engineered contacts last thousands of cycles
  • Soft contact actuation completely eliminates pad damage
  • 1.0mm, 0.5mm pitch single row contact pads
  • Emerging 0.3mm and 0.2mm dual-row contact pads
  • In-house processes support variable, custom pitches
  • Dedicated team support for custom CAD requirements
  • Automatable
  • Fast delivery
  • Low volume prototypes

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Markets Served

Electronic Manufacturing & Services
IOT Sensors & Connectivity Development
Medical & Healthcare
Consumer Electronics