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Flat Flex Connector Solutions


Standard Fixtures Custom Fixtures

The Flexible Test Advantage 

Our fixtures are meticulously engineered to withstand thousands of mate cycles, ensuring unparalleled reliability. Crafted with efficiency and reliability in mind, our FFC fixtures streamline your workflow, saving you valuable time and cost.

Embrace a hassle-free, drop-in solution that eliminates setup complexities. With Flexible Test, get your system up and running within minutes, not hours. Elevate your connector experience and unlock seamless FFC connections today.


Eliminate Connector Hassles

  • ZIF connector replacements and repairs can be a constant
    source of frustration.
  • Our fixtures eliminate the need for these frequent replacements and repairs.
  • Ensure accurate testing without the vulnerabilities associated with
    ZIF connectors and spring-loaded pins.
  • Save on maintenance costs due to typical ZIF connectors.

Seamless Integration

  • Our fixtures are a hassle-free drop-in solution.
  • Eliminate the need for complex configurations or adjustments.
  • We’ve designed our solutions to make your testing process as straightforward as possible.
  • When integration is easy and efficient, your testing process becomes streamlined.
  • Meet your project deadlines with confidence.

Durable Engineering

  • Our engineered contacts are designed to withstand thousands of testing cycles.
  • Our fixtures are built to endure the rigors of testing.
  • Investing in durable engineering is a cost-effective approach.
  • The long-lasting reliability of our fixtures leads to reduced maintenance and replacement expenses.

Expert Support

  • At Flexible Test, we pride ourselves on providing expert support.
  • We take the time to analyze your project needs and collaborate with your team.
  • 2D and 3D design support for all fixture models.
  • Our expert support is geared towards enhancing your workflow and saving you time and cost.

How Our Fixtures Work



Problems Associated with Standard Connectors

A Pair of Broken ZIF Connectors

ZIF connectors are widely regarded as an industry standard for connecting Flexible Flat Cables (FFCs). However, they are often recognized for their fragile design and susceptibility to breakage. The repercussions of a failed ZIF connector can be significant, impacting overall system functionality and reliability. Among the common failure points associated with ZIF connectors are:

  • Low Cycle Count
    • One of the most notable drawbacks of ZIF connectors is their limited mate/demate cycle capability. Typically, these connectors are rated for only 20 mate/demate cycles, severely restricting their lifespan and reliability in demanding applications. Our fixtures boast an impressive 20,000+ cycle count.
  • Fragile Parts
    • ZIF connectors are notorious for their delicate latch mechanism, which is prone to breakage under minimal stress or mishandling. The fragility of these components can lead to frequent failures and necessitate costly repairs or replacements.
  • Corroded Pins
    • Over time, contact pins within ZIF connectors may succumb to corrosion, resulting in degraded electrical conductivity and compromised signal integrity. This corrosion not only affects the performance of the connector but also leaves visible wear marks on the surface of the FFC, indicating potential damage and reliability issues.
  • Misalignment Issues
    • ZIF connectors are susceptible to misalignment during insertion, which can lead to poor contact between the connector and the FFC. This misalignment may result in signal loss, intermittent connectivity, or complete failure of the connection.
  • Compatibility Concerns
    • ZIF connectors may have limited compatibility with certain FFC designs or configurations, posing challenges in selecting the appropriate connector for specific applications. Incompatibility issues can lead to connectivity problems and compatibility issues between the FFC and the mating connector.