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Automated Flat Flex Cable Testing Solution


High Speed Cable Tester – Complete System 


Efficient Testing Solution

The Flexible Test High Speed Cable Tester (HSCT) is a cutting-edge automated testing unit meticulously designed to streamline the testing process of FFC – FPC circuits. Driven by our custom software and hardware, this advanced testing solution efficiently checks for shorts and resistance across each pin, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Operated through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the HSCT empowers users to seamlessly navigate the testing process with precision and ease.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

Equipped with up to 50 contacts, the HSCT test devices offer unparalleled versatility, accommodating a wide range of device sizes with the use of our size adapters. With the ability to swiftly change tester sizes in minutes, operators experience unparalleled convenience and adaptability.

The ergonomic design features an intuitive CAM lever, effortlessly bridging the FFC – FPC device with the testing equipment. Utilizing our elastomeric connector technology, the HSCT ensures a secure connection without leaving any marks on the device, facilitating a seamless testing experience.

Please click here to view a detailed datasheet.

Operation Simplicity

To make a connection, the FFC – FPC device is inserted into the fixture and the operator actuates the ergonomic CAM lever to bridge the device and the test equipment. Our elastomeric connector is compressed onto the device making the connection to the test equipment. The unit leaves no marks on the device once the testing is done. Once the lever is pulled back, the device is disconnected from the test equipment. The HSCT allows for a higher volume of devices to be tested and verified.

Proven Reliability

Backed by our elastomeric connectors rated at 20,000 plus cycles, the HSCT guarantees unparalleled reliability, surpassing the limitations of standard flip-lock connectors rated for a mere 30 cycles. Featuring redundant conductive wire patterns, these connectors ensure a steadfast and reliable connection to the testing equipment, accommodating a wide range of devices, including high-power applications. With intuitive and swift connector replacement capabilities, downtime is minimized, and operational efficiency is maximized.

Comprehensive Software Integration

The HSCT seamlessly integrates with our proprietary software, offering an intuitive GUI for easy control of fixture parameters. With the ability to record and analyze test data, the GUI generates comprehensive reports, facilitating informed decision-making. Operators can effortlessly set accepted resistance values and the number of pins to test, ensuring optimal performance tailored to specific testing requirements. With the capability to save data locally or in the cloud, the HSCT ensures seamless data management and accessibility.



Complete System

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