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Flexible Test, Who We Are

  • Operates as a Division of Z-Axis Connector Company
  • Serves a global market with dedicated business, engineering, and manufacturing personnel
  • Is uniquely capable to provide quick delivery for standard fixture solutions
  • Is uniquely capable to provide all levels of design and support from turnkey to custom
  • Takes pride in responsive service and fast delivery
  • Partners with development teams on new products and innovations that shape our world, including today’s newest electronic products.
small flexible circuit strip

Proven Capability

  • Solve endless variety of device-under-test requirements
    • Single units for eng. development
    • > 100 units for mass production
    • Straight jumpers, curved flexes, multiple cables in close proximity
    • Cables with ears, or short access
  • Offers value-added services to complement your in-house staff
    • Dut to fixture and fixture to tester CAD layout
    • Add platforms and pedestals for DUT load & unload
    • Automation ready requirements

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