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Questions to Identify the Best FFC / FPC Fixture Solution

Based on your selections Flexible Test will respond in timely manner.

  • For FFC’s that terminate in a rectangular end shape standard fixtures can be quoted based on your input.
  • For FPC’s that terminate with ears or tabs make sure to include the mating connector p/n, and upload your drawing with dimension for review.
  • If your DUT flex is < 26mm from the DUT body to the end of the circuit please fill-in clearance sections to determine correct fixture style.
  • If additional information is needed to complete your quote we will use the e-mail or call the contact provided.

After completing entries make sure to finalize by selecting “Submit” to forward to Flexible Test. We value your business, and look forward to delivering your Flexible Test fixture (s).

Enter Application Requirements

  • 76-102 mm is typical, selection will be checked for availability. Skip if PCB termination.
  • Drawing files acceptable for quote, FPC is requested for QA fit and function.
  • Standard lead time 2-3 weeks ARO
  • Add Additional Information (Not Required)

  • Normally number of (contacts + 1) x pitch.
  • Typically 0.3 mm +/-.05mm. Include dimension with backer if attached.
  • Could apply to test fixture housing, DUT body itself, or neighboring DUT flex if mutli-circuit.
  • Could apply to test fixture layout, DUT body itself, neighboring DUT flex if mutli-circuit s are vertically positioned.
  • Please Enter Your Contact Information

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